Welcome to the Infant Program!

Our infant program offers high quality and respectful care for children between 0 and 18 months. Our space welcomes up to ten children with an educator-child ratio of 1:3.

Infants and toddlers are essentially the centre of our curriculum plan which is based on ideas for social/emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Our program educators work hard to understand and respond to the interests and needs of each child and family.

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

We believe that first experiences become their earliest memories, that lay down the framework for future learning. We believe that children are driven by curiosity. We believe children (of all ages) are capable and competent learners and doers. We believe in equal opportunities for all children to learn and view each child as sacred and special. We believe that children are motivated to learn when they are provided with enriching environments, nurturing adult interactions, support and the freedom to explore.

Our program encourages positive and responsive relationships between your child and their educators, between families and the educators/child care, and between the educators themselves.

Families come in various sizes and shapes with many strengths. We support the fact that parents are the children’s first and most important teachers and that they want what’s best for their children. We understand that parents know their children best and we are committed to creating a safe, warm, and inviting environment for our families to learn and grow together. Parents are always encouraged to participate, share, network, and get involved with our program. We are excited to work together with you and your child.

We know how important communication is with our families and we are excited to share details about your child’s day on our HiMama program – making those details accessible to you right at your fingertips throughout the day. HiMama is specialized to track everything from diaper changes to growth and development experience and goals. Upon registration, your family will be set up with your own personal account, making communication much more personal and complete.

Routines and Curriculum
We understand how important it is to maintain consistency between home and daycare. We strive to make caregiving routines consistent to provide children with a sense of control and to help them learn what to expect throughout the day to feel secure and apart of the program. Our main caregiving routines are diapering, feeding and rest time.

We value the diaper routine as an opportunity to introduce new concepts and learning for personal hygiene and self-help capabilities. We have individualized space for your child’s disposable diapers, wipes, creams, and extra clothing.

We have high chairs for each child, where they can either sit at the table or with their own personal trays. We encourage children to feed themselves when they are capable, introducing them to new skills and concepts. We teach self-helping abilities, like communication during meals. Sign language can be helpful for early language development – we teach children to sign “more,” “all done,” “please,” and “thank you.” We also take the time to initiate communication between the children to assist in building relationships among themselves.

Harbour View provides morning and afternoon snacks, and lunch that follows and respects the Canada’s Food Guide. In our program, we do allow for food to be brought in from home. If your child requires a special diet or has any allergies, we work hard to accommodate around those needs and requests. Your child will be offered everything we have on the menu that day (or what food is packed for them) and encouraged to try new foods. However, they are free to choose what they want to eat.

Rest time:
Each child will have their own crib or cot to sleep in. Our sleep room is quiet and cozy, separate from our play room and meal area. We track sleep times and check on each individual sleeping child every 15 minutes during rest time. These checks are recorded on a chart in our program.

We help children sleep based on their preference and needs, and when your child is ready they are transitioned to a cot in preparation for the toddler program. We supply sheets and blankets which we wash weekly. If your child has a special blanket or stuffed animal, they are welcome to bring them for an easier and more comfortable transition into our program.

Every child is included in all activities and play experiences, indoors and outdoors. We introduce and offer many ways for your child to investigate the world with their bodies and senses. We support every child and every ability during their development. Indoors, toys and materials are provided to encourage play-based learning. There are enough toys and materials present daily to encourage children to initiate their own play interests. Activities are planned based on the interest of the children and reflect on what we observe daily with the children.

Outdoors, your child will be introduced and encouraged to interact with their natural surroundings in every season. We have a playground that includes a play structure and sandbox. We include water play and gardening on our playground and take opportunities to learn outside of our designated space in the large field beside our playground and on walks around our neighbourhood.

We use our observations to provide a safe, cognitively challenging, and nurturing environment based on your child’s curiosity, interest, and readiness. The children’s needs are at the heart of the play experiences offered. We carefully observe and document your child’s play so that we know what experience are most meaningful and what direction to take next. Play experiences are based on interests. Toys and materials are added, changed, and adapted to suit each child.

Diversity and Inclusion
Our program offers activities, play experiences, and strategies for each child, and that includes those with additional support needs. Inclusion means that every child has equal access to participate in our program. Children have the right to belong and to feel safe and be accepted. When children of all abilities spend time together, positive attitudes are fostered. We think about the competence of each child and provide meaningful experiences for their growth and development. We are excited to learn all about your child’s culture and ethnic backgrounds so that we can include some of those elements right into our program plan. Upon registration, you are encouraged to bring a family photo and complete a brief introduction page about your family. We are excited to get to know you.

Our Focus
Our curriculum is everything we do for you and your child. We are committed to providing the best care and are always looking for ways to enrich our program. We welcome your child and your family and we value your input. We want the best for your child!